Spring Sunday (11/3).

Technically spring isn’t for a couple of weeks but anyone who turned out to fly on Sunday was rewarded with another lovely day, warm sunshine and light north westerly winds.
The Skylard, ops sorry Alan, Skylark was stooging about making the most of the weak thermals as was Messrs Keating and Jarvis in the Cirrus, along with the Duo flown by Bill.
Earlier the forecast looked as though we would be getting a potential cross country day but in the end it was only really good enough for some nice extended flights and that good ol’ practise scraping in a weak and broken thermal.
We saw Paragliders by the score who mostly stayed towards the Gibbet, although I was unfortunate enough to have three or four join me on the ridge in front of the club.

sharing a thermal with Chris K and the Puchacz was nice, relaxing and it meant we all stayed airborne a little longer through shared sampling of the air.
A few trial lessons added to the enjoyment as did the cars parked around the field spectating. Hopefully one or two of these will have a go at some time.

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