Satuday 3rd March

Not a promising start to a new month with rain over the airfield in the morning.  However, those few who had looked at (and believed) the forecast were rewarded in the afternoon.  Behind the band of rain there was brighter weather, even if there was also plenty of wind – a day for lot of height and lots of speed on finals.  Above Ham at, what will be, our Olympic ceiling I spied the Janus being tempted on-line.  After a couple of circuits the Janus boys claimed they had only wanted to complete their ARC by checking deflections.  One grotty band of rain passed to the north but the next lot got us.  Once that passed the wind swung further south adding about 300′ to the launches.
On a day that could so easily have been missed 10 folks (between them) got 15 launches and over 2 hours of fun flying.

Not everyone was convinced by the new back seat technique

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