Keesh and sunny sunday 25th march

So why would anyone bring quiche for a BBQ? “No! More meat!” I protested but Claire was adamant. “How am i supposed to burn, err cook that?” I protested, but to scant avail. And that is how everyone came to enjoy quiche with the first club BBQ of the year. In GMT no less.

The next day dawned a little later, but was it time to get up? I had no idea if the alarm clock, phone, computer etc updated automatically or whether I was supposed to press and wind things. Finally, having decided it was time, I set off for a sunny and pleasantly warm day at the airfield with a promise to myself to visit Chris’ shop for some proper timekeeping equipment!

Fresh from repairing the structural rendering on the clubhouse Steve Gaze jumped into the Vega for a type conversion.

Meanwhile the CFI was in a daze, due to the early hour I think, he had managed to rig enough seats for three of him (I’ll leave the comments to you guys here) and was busy contemplating which one to try first. He did manage to make the choice and once the temp had risen he managed to soar in all of them.

In a spectacular timing miss (I think he was still in Olly era double summer time) Alan managed to fly whilst it wasn’t soarable and then derig during the soaring window which lasted for a couple of hours from about 3 – oops.

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