Saturday 4th Feb – polar bears seen on field

I was extremely pleased that it had warmed up a little from when I got up by the time I was ready to leave for Shalbourne – it had heated up to -9.3C as I left home. Hmmmm!!!

With the ground temperatures that low and a forecast of snow arriving sometime between 12 and 3 it seemed to me (effete southern jesse that I am) inappropriate to try to get flying so we looked at some navigation and map reading, and how to use SeeYou to analyse flight traces.

With the electric heaters on and quite a few mad people turning up, it was quite festive in the Roundout. But we declared a close on the day in time for everyone to be home before the promised snow arrived – and of course then it arrived later than forecast. But in this instance, better safe than sorry…

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding