Sunday 29th 1-1 Liz vs Met Office

So the forecast mutated overnight from plausible if cold flying into a rather nasty creature. Driving up from home and closely following on the heels of the CFI, it was turn-and-slip on somewhere north of Andover as we went into fog. This made it difficult to see when we actually went into cloud, but the airfield was most certainly well above cloudbase. One of those days when you point the car uphill and hope to stop before you hit the clubhouse wall…

Many hardy types arrived with hopes of flying; much tea was imbibed.

At midday you could still barely make out the eastern hedge from the clubhouse, and we scrubbed – although by then cloudbase had in fact risen to around 5 fathoms and so it was rather easier than expected to find your way off the airfield.

Oh, and it was colder than it was yesterday. Still, that’s January mostly done with – it’s getting better all the way from here…

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