Saturday 28th – Liz forecast vindicated – cold but soarable

It started with a kiss…
…of the cloud on the top of the hill, unfortunately! But it gradually lifted little by little so that by the time we were ready to launch it was ok to do cable breaks, and even to do abbreviated circuits. So lots of useful annual checkery was done, but I don’t think my ‘we’re going spinning’ briefings fooled anyone…

Eventually the orographic gloop (technical term!) cleared through and it became possible to ride the launch all the way to the top – which was the best part of 2000′ for the K8 I’m told. And it was soarable on the ridge if you were careful/skilful/lucky, in a mixture of thermally ridgy stuff.

But it cannot be denied that it was a little chilly. If you’re coming tomorrow (forecast= more of the same) then DO wrap up warm and bring flasks of soup.


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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding