Saturday 14th

With Shalbourne and most of the valley covered in mist the airfield was bathed in sunshine so I decided to try out my new camera mount on the Puchacz and do a few loops. With the mist in the valley it looked like the tide had come in, you should have all been here!

Turnout was quite good and despite having to go down to single cable ops when a fault in the skybrid dog clutch developed we still managed around 35 launches with 4 of these being aerobatting flights with the puch. JMX has been derigged and placed on the trailer ready for towing off to Keevil for weighing, hopefully this will be done next weekend. It is possible (weather permitting) that we will aerotow it back afterwards.

The camera I used for the video is only an old Olympus 4mp compact camera operating in low res movie mode so looks a bit cr*p on full screen but the results are not too bad if you make the window smaller. Encouraged by the results I will have to get hold of an HD camera to improve the quality.

A longer version is being edited and will hopefully be on YouTube in the near future


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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding