Sunday 30th – not officially ‘Nice’

I thought that I was on a roll on duty days – after our last duty being soarable all day. Perhaps my problem was swapping with Tim but he promised he’d booked the weather. Today I was (happily) surprised to find myself not the first person to turn up through the drizzle when I arrived at 9 am – James Hunneman was there already. Martin Hoskins and Rob Jarvis arrived subsequently. The low cloud and drizzle amplified to rain and then sank back into cloud and drizzle again.

But be assured – days like these are not days to miss – you can learn a huge amount on the ground even if you don’t fly. We amused and enlightened ourselves with some trace analysis until 11.30 or so and then in the absence of anyone else to do any groundschool with, we abandoned the day and went home. Hasta la vista, comrades!

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