Sunday 4 Sept

Well, after a wet start to the day it cleared through pretty much as forecast – well, perhaps a little later – to give what eventually became a nice soaring day. I’d swapped with Tim but he, being in need of a few minutes extra instructing for his renewal, was also present and raring to go. Newish member Jim McCormick therefore got to fly until he begged for mercy, after which Alan S got a flip round in the difficult not-quite soarable slot.

Meanwhile Richard and others were flying the Vega, and Chris had rigged the LS7 but I managed to blag it just as it got sensibly soarable again. Messrs Robson and Gavin (oh yes, he’s back!) and I passed each other somewhere towards Marlborough but I felt that I really ought to return B1 and let Chris enjoy the day which was finally brewing up around 3.30pm. On returning I actually managed to get my hands on a TL while Tim took TL returner Evelyn to pack in some follow-up airtime for the second weekend running (clearly someone who should be joining us long term!). Trevor finished the day by ‘hangar flying’ the Puch until he felt in danger of being lynched if he didn’t return, after which we all retired to the George for a beer.


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