Sunday 18th September

After setting up the airfield early the rain arrived and departed as forecasted. We flew 3 trial lessons and between showes managed some soaring flights. Honours for longest flight of the day went to Bill Orson who just failed to beat the hour with a very respectable (for the conditions) 58 mins in JMX.
With the rain and thundery stuff fast approaching discretion ruled and we promptly hanger flew the toys before they got wet again. A friend of James Holland and myself had the shortest flight at it was noted during the launch that the ASI in JMX had decided to fail possibly due to water ingress and was giving very odd indications. With the needle flicking between 30 and 80 knots the launch was abandoned at a safe height and a safe landing carried out. Its been a while since I flown with a faulty ASI so will ask our instructors to cover up the ASI when annual checks are due again, oh what fun 🙂


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