Saturday 13 August

With 5 members (4 of whom were instructors) and a low cloud base it did not bode well. However, Tim (duty instructor) had a plan – drink tea. James Holland, and guest, appeared so we got the toys out (including Colin spotting a problem with the winch and the bus winch went into service). Tim took the Roundout bus to the launch point – time for tea (and Colin donned his overalls to work on the winch). First launch ran into cloud at 1250. A few launches later James resolo’d (after a 13 year gap). We had just about run out of folks wanting to fly when John T appeared so we carried on flying. When the Puchacz was heading for the hangar Adam Cumberlege appeared so it went back online. For those who don’t know Adam he was a member many moons ago before he moved from Vernham Dean to Auckland. He’s a member of the Auckland Gliding Club and these days flys an ASW-20. This was the first time he’d flown a Puchacz and put it through its paces – good to see him again.

Altough the longest flight of the day was only 11 minutes we had a worthwhile day (exceptionally good vis) and clocked up 24 launches.

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