A long(ish) pause?

Hmm, the last post was over ten days ago. Has nothing happened? Well, no actually, not here anyway. We’ve had a run of windy and wet days, hardly flyable let alone soarable. The only days with a glimmer of hope were on days we weren’t open for flying. C’est la vie. Perhaps Pete can tell us how he got on at Gransden Lodge, where he was able to use a couple of days we weren’t flying.

It hasn’t been a lot better in Sweden, where Liz and Ayala have been competing in the women’s World Championships, along with three other British lasses. They only had five contest days out of a possible ten, due to the weather – it seems all our bad weather finished up there. And of those five days, only one was a half-decent racing day. So congratulations to them – in the Club Class, Ayala finished second, only just behind the winner, and Liz was fifth in a field of 18. But Liz was well and truly robbed on the last day – she completed 123k of a 137k task, but no one else reached 100k (though several made 99k), so it was a no-contest day. Big swizz.

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