W/E 12th & 13th March

Saturday: Hazy sun but those that turned out enjoyed extended flights, with dutyman Tim and John Turk claiming the longest at 22mins.

Sunday: As I left Basingstoke it was darker than black, the rain slowed M3 traffic to 50mph and it was quite simply bleak. But with a forecast clearance arriving from the west by the time we got to the airfield it had upgraded to the uninspiring category.

We set up, lined the toys up and Claire and I launched into 1100ft cloud, flew a circuit and landed. After that Claire quite spectacularly failed to get the top on the next three attempts, for some reason either i pulled the bung or the winch driver decided to cut the power. A few others flew some circuits but then the sky broke apart and fluffy cumulus appeared. With no-one on the 2 seat list I took the Vega but it was too soon, on my second go it stuck in rather pleasant medium thermals to 2500′ above airfield height. Chris in bi and the K8 joined me, as did the pooch and soon the airfield was empty. Later on Chris lent me the LS7 and I joined the K8 in a thermal to get some FLARM fixes to test the unit newly installed in the K8.

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