Saturday 26th Feb

An interesting day with varying degrees of lift.

The wind started off as a moderate WNW which meant that only flights of about 8-10 mins were achievable as any lift was broken. Steve Gaze and myself took advantage of this to practise field landings as part of his bronze flight tests. Landing up hill into the freshly muck spread field to the east of the south end of the airfield was an experience!

For the last few flights of the day the wind went round more to the north and the ridge started to work, Paul P and Carol squeezed a respectful 17mins out of the K13 but then Chris B, flying the Vega, managed to get a whopping 41 minutes!

The evening was finished off with a presentation from Colin and myself about the pros and cons of GPS navigation and the use of XCSoar in navigating. During which one nameless person (Ok it was Chris!) fell asleep 🙂


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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding