I’ve said it before…

..and those who know me will know that I will say it again…

…you should have been there.

I wasn’t clever enough to take pictures, but if I had they’d have been of blue skies and an empty airfield – but this time because all the serviceable gliders were in the air soaring. Flights of the best part of an hour were the highlights of the middle of the day, and we were all fairly sure that Rod was off cross-country at one point!

We also had a visitor from another club to check out on the winch, I refused to fly with him but then he is my husband and many of you know what happens when we fly together… He, like me, thinks the Vega is very nice (as D Piggott would say).

And, for the instructors among you, not one but TWO ab-initios were there for us to hone our teaching/bastardry skills (delete where applicable) upon. And Andrew is in a wheelchair (No – he was before arriving!) so we have another member to take advantage of the hand rudder, although he’s obviously got longer legs than Derek so we will need to devise some foot restraints for safe flight.

Enough – after a hard day’s flying I’ve got a hard evening’s prep for the Worlds – Ayala is on her way over for dinner. See you all next time, meanwhile happy New Year and I wish you all lots of safe fun soaring in 2011


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