Thursday 23rd December

Not wishing to waste a good ridge day, the four of us present set up the airfield and towed JMX and EGF down to the launch point. After being idle for a couple of weeks in sub-zero temperatures all equipment obligingly roared into life on cue. Launches to 2000 ft revealed a top wind in excess of 25 kt, so getting to the ridge from half way along the airfield required some patience. This was amply rewarded by good ridge lift to 1 200 ft along to and beyond Combe Gibbet. Being decent types (and to avoid frostbite) we limited our flights to around 30 minutes. By midday we numbered an even half dozen, which kept operations going nicely until mid afternoon.

Some may say we’re crazy , but it certainly beats sleeping on the floor at Terminal Three

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding