Sunday 17th – cold at 4000′

It was great to find two new members at the launch point as we walked the gliders down. We’d thought that we’d only need one two-seater but that soon changed with Peter Elison easily distracted from removing sheep ‘residue’ from the private Puchacz to fly one of the new members and a couple of trial lessons.

Rob Jarvis and Chris Keating had decided it would be a Ka8 day and Rob duely proved it with the longest flight of the day with an hour and seven minutes. Meanwhile Graham Tanner took me to cloudbase at 4000′ above ground where it was distinctly chilly. Well it is October.

I could have done without encountering the wing of the Puchacz on my way out of the hanger at the end of the day. Many thanks to those who patched me up. You’ll be pleased to hear the wing was completely unharmed.

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