Halloween – Sunday 31 Oct…spooky…

…in spite of the hour change, it still wasn’t fully light…..the field was so quiet it was spooky…but wait… what are those shadowy figures I see waiting at at the gate as I arrive?

Are they the ghosts of trial lessons past?

The undead (now then, now then!) waiting tirelessly for soarable weather?

Zombie ab initios marching inexorably towards the duty instructor baying for blood?

Souls of long departed glider pilots who roam the world restlessly howling for the days before the malign god EASA ruled the skies, sucking the heart out of our thermals?

Or have the committee just let the grass get a little too long?

Thanks to Chris for making me laugh out loud when I arrived in the gloom of this morning to see the lights flickering in their eyes.

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