After speaking with some of the instructors, and others who have now flown the Vega, I have decided to lower the limit on who can fly it.
From today the limit is now Bronze but certain members who have not quite gained their Bronze badge as well as Bronze badge holders can now convert to the Vega if they can meet the following conditions:

1) Demonstration of two or three consecutive fully held off landings in the Puchacz (solo or dual).

2) Demonstration of the ability to keep the wings level from “All out” until stopping after landing (wings MUST only touch the ground after the glider has stopped).

3) Must read the briefing notes and have their Logbook countersigned by the Duty Instructor to confirm they have read and understood them and have been cleared to fly following the check flights.

4) It is the members duty to prove to the Duty Instructor they they are current by producing an up to date Logbook. No logbook no fly.

So far all those who have flown the Vega are more than happy with it.
Yesterday I took a launch and released at 1200ft and quickly thermalled down to about 1000ft. I contacted a good thermal which took me to 4,400ft averaging 3 -4kts. A quick flight into wind along an energy line to Burbage followed and I only lost 800 ft getting there, on the return leg I only lost 500 ft. Back over the airfield I pulled full airbrake and maintaining 70kts descended at something like -60 degrees with the speed steady. Also when landing reciprocal (towards the hanger end) closing the airbrakes low to the ground to extend the float did not cause the glider to drop suddenly but just gave an increase in speed, very reassuring! Oh yes, it also has a new battery fitted as well.

So if you are Bronze, or not far off, get yourself checked out to fly the Vega as I’m sure you will enjoy it.


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