Midweek Maintenance (Wed 8 Jul)

As happens from time-to-time, even in ‘Summer’ the day dawned grey with a total overcast which did not clear until late afternoon. With a good breeze to produce high launches these were excellent conditions for Ab-Initios (Trainees) to learn to fly a circuit and land safely. Lacking a supply of Ab-Initios we set to on maintenance tasks.

Cable tow-out gear was transferred to our new (to us, previously owned) Pajero. Make sure to calibrate the altimeter at DI. When driving have due regard for the inclinometer! NB: Like our previous Pajero, the automatic pre-heat is inoperative; there is a toggle switch which must be used for a few seconds before a cold start.

The telephone line was rewired – the outside (old-fashioned) bell is difficult to ignore! Please answer with “Shalbourne Gliding + your name”. If you cannot answer the query, apologise, write down the contact details and promise to call back.

I saw our Chairman mowing grass, the Treasurer clearing rubbish, fitting a shelf in the ladies’ and fixing the cooker. No doubt, other work was done unseen by me or you.

The Skybrid Winch brakes were adjusted: no excuse for gear pulled into rollers now! Please re-check pull-out tension after a few launches – it needs to be a bit higher than on the Tost Winch.

We are a DIY Club. Instruction is FREE! YOU must make a contribution. If you are able to service our equipment and aircraft please contact the Equipment or Aircraft Oficers. Otherwise, the Airfield Officer needs members to clean, mow and re-supply our facilities.

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