Weekend 26th – 27th June

The great British summer seems to be here with a vengeance for a change with high temperatures and some good soaring all weekend.

Saturday was a busy day with the club fleet enjoying extended soaring until it eventually went blue late in the afternoon. Prior to this cloud base reached 5000′ QFE with some strong climbs around. The private Puch, Janus and Nimbus were all rigged. Carol in the Janus flew RIV – LAS – CAL – RIV for 193km@69 kph and Pete in the Nimbus RIV – LA6 – ISL – WLY – DEV – RIV for 218km@76kph. A Nimbus 3 from Lasham dropped in late in the day and was given a typical Shalbourne welcome and taken to the pub until the retrieve crew arrived.
Sunday was quieter but conditions were again excellent and it was soarable from 11am until well after the hangar doors closed. Cloud base reached over 4000′ QFE and the club fleet enjoyed extended soaring all day. Cockpit temperatures were high (25degC+) but the lift was reliable if not overly strong. Jim in the Nimbus flew RIV – RUS – DID – LBN – RIV for 255km@75kph (landing at 15:30!) and the private Puch also and enjoyed an extended flight. Much more fun than watching England getting thrashed by Germany!
There were also two new faces on the field and several bronze legs and silver heights flown over the weekend details to follow when the loggers are downloaded.
ps thanks to everyone who helped look after Barney the cocker spaniel while his owner flew

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