Sunday 30th and Monday 31st May

After the persistant rain of Saturday…

Sunday brought strong climbs and 5500ft QNH cloudbase, but only me in 737 and Chris in FRP rigged and flew, the others maybe put off by the 20kt winds aloft… Cirrus came over during the afternoon so I abandoned my task and headed to the brighter north instead, ending up with around 200km – Chris flew the Reader’s Digest version.

Monday had been promissed as a cracker but one of you angered the soaring gods and the day broke overcast and the morning forecasts equally gloomy. It didn’t get a whole heap better… Jim in 737 and myself ‘n’ Phil in 383 managed half an hour and other scratching took place. Prior to this Phil signed Jim off as a Half Wit instructor.

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding